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Wild boar breeding

We do intensive wild boar breeding on a 8,5 ha field where we have 32 fenced areas for breeding and rearing. This establishment has got the „immune to the four” qualification: we have had the blood test done on the blood samples of every wild boar on our farm.

The results for the four most frequent swine diseases (brucellosis, leptospirosis, Aujeszky’s disease, and porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome – PRRS) are all negative. Thanks to the frequent veterinary control, to the continuous blood testing and to the rigorous observance of the breeding and sanitary rules we are able to maintain this veterinary qualification.

We sell the offspring in Hungary, but we have many requests from abroad as well.

Our activities:

  • Selling young and adult wild boars for breeding and for shooting, with shipment.
  • We design and implement fenced shooting fields. We provide professional consultancy regarding rearing.

Mizsevad Wild Farming


6050 Lajosmizse, Ceglédi u. 64.

  • +36 70 389 5037