Introduction of the company:

The Mizsevad has been established on the 1st of July in 2003. Its predecessors are the Mizsevad Ltd. which has been engaged in pheasant rearing since 1997 and the Pentakan Ltd. which is one of the first companies which started wild boar breeding in Hungary.

Infrastructural background:

The establishment of the Mizsevad is located in the outskirts of Lajosmizse.

  • We rear pheasants on 3 farms where we have at our disposal 3.300 m2 of heated buildings and 15 ha of field for further rearing.
  • We do intensive wild boar breeding on a 8,5 ha breeding field.
  • Our hare quarantine establishment has all the necessary permissions. We have enough space to put 2.000 wild caught hares in quarantine at the same time.
    The rearing fields are the propriety of our company.