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Rearing pheasants

Breeding pheasants:

We breed our pheasants with the newest breeding technology. We have the following types of pheasants: Mongolian, Manchurian, American Cross, and Polish.

Rearing up to 6-10 weeks of age:

We rear 150.000 6-10 week old pheasants each year. The majority is sold abroad and in Hungary, the rest, approximately 40.000 pheasants are reared until adult age.

Rearing pheasants for shooting:

At present we have 5 pens 3 ha each which are covered by a 4 m tall net. Here we rear 35-40.000 pheasants. As the soil in our pens is sandy, there is no mud inside which helps our birds having plumage of optimal quality. Our birds have a perfect quality and optimal flying ability. Most of our birds are exported to Italy and France, however in the last couple of years the domestic demand has grown considerably.

Our activities::

  • selling 6-10 week old pheasants with shipment
  • selling adult pheasants for shooting with shipment
  • organization of pheasant shoots

Our prices:

We make up the price of the pheasants based on the requested quantity and on the shipment details. Similarly, we organize the shoots based on the demand and on personal negotiation.

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